• Breakfast

      Premier Cafe Garden

    • Served between 10:00hrs and 16:00hrs.

    • Full English Breakfast


      2 bacon, 2 sausages, grilled tomatoes, baked beans, mushrooms, 2 fried eggs, served with toasted bread

    • Egg Benedict


      2 halves English muffin topped with bacon, poached egg and hollandaise sauce

    • Egg Florentine


      2 halves English muffin topped with spinach, poached egg and hollandaise sauce

    • Egg Royal


      2 halves English muffin topped with smoked salmon, poached egg and hollandaise sauce

    • Knickerbockers' Glory


      Forest berry, mango, banana and peach, layered with Greek yogurt and topped with granola and honey.

    • Baker's Corner

      Premier Cafe Garden

    • Served between 10:00hrs and 16:00hrs.

    • Sandwitches / Toast

      A choice of White or Wholemeal Bread


    • Ham and Cheese

    • Tuna Mayo

    • Smoked Salmon

    • Egg Mayo

    • Beans

    • Bacon

    • Club Sandwich


      Three slices of toasted bread filled with chicken, bacon, egg, cheese, lettuce, and tomato

    • Chicken Wrap


      Chicken with onions, sweet peppers and pancetta

    • Salads

      Premier Cafe Garden

    • Chicken Caeser Salad


      Fresh lettuce, cherry tomatoes, bacon rashes, croutons, Grana shavings, tossed with caeser dressing and topped with grilled chicken

    • Timbale of Quinoa, Mango and Avocado


      Red and white quinoa with almonds & herbs, topped with onion, mango and avocado set on rucola and honey lemon dressing

    • Smoked Salmon and Brie salad


      Smoked salmon, brie cheese, lettuce leaves, rocket leaves, onions, cherry tomatoes and walnuts finished with lemon dill vinaigrette

    • Starters

      Il-Cortile Starters Menu

    • Timbale of Quinoa, Mango & Avocado


      Red and White Quinoa with Almonds & Herbs, topped with Onions, Mango and Avocado set on Rucola and Honey Lemon Dressing

    • Seafood Gratin


      Prawns, Clams, Mussels, Scallops and Crabmeat set on a Mushroom Duxelle, topped with Fish Veloute and Parmigiano

    • Misto Fritto


      Deep fried Mixed Fish and Seafood, served with Tartar Sauce and Lemon

    • Soup of the Day

    • Fish Soup (Aljotta)

    • Pasta & Risotto

      Il-Cortile Pasta & Risotto Menu

    • Mushroom and Beef Risotto

      €10.00 (Starter)

      Arborio Rice cooked with sautèed Mushrooms, strips and Beef, Asparagus, Cherry Tomatoes, Onions, Red Wine, Parsley and Cream, finished with a hint of Truffle Paste

    • Ravioli

      €10.50 (Starter)

      Homemade ravioli stuffed with Rabbit served with Garlic Jus and topped with Tomato Concasse and Rucola

    • Tagliatelle Nero di Sepia

      €10.00 (Starter)

      Fresh Tagliatelle served with Squid and Ink Sauce

    • Spaghetti Octopus

      €9.50 (Starter)

      Traditional Maltese Octopus sauce served with Spaghetti

    • Garganelli Chicken

      €10.50 (Starter)

      Fresh Garganelli served with Chicken, Sweet Peppers and Bacon tossed with Tomato Sauce and Cream

    • Mushroom Gnocchi

      €10.00 (Starter)

      Potato Gnocchi stuffed with Mushrroms, served with Beef Ragù

    • Gluten Free Pasta available for an additional €1.00

    • Main Courses

      Premier Cafe Garden

    • Pulled Pork Burger


      Pulled Pork with BBQ sauce, served in Ciabatta Bread, Cheese, crispy fried Onions and Cherkins

      Extra: Bacon €1.50, Cheese: €1.50, Egg: €1.50

    • Angus Burger


      250 grms homemade Beef Patty served in a Sesame Bun with caramelized Onions and Gherkins

    • Chicken Burger


      200 grms homemade Chicken Burger served in a Sesame Bun with Lettuce, Tomatoes and Mayonnaise

    • New York Chicken


      Grilled local Chicken Breast topped with mature Cheddar Cheese, served with a homemade BBQ Sauce

    • Fresh Black Angus Rib Eye


      Char grilled 350 grms of Prime Beef Rib Eye cooked to your liking

    • Fresh Veal Rib Eye on the Bone


      Char grilled fresh Veal Rib Eye cooked to your liking

      Sauces:   Pepper sauce:€2.50   Mushroom: €2.50   Au Jus: €2.50

    • King Prawns


      King Prawns flamed with Pernod, enhanced with Cherry Tomatoes and fresh Herbs

    • Fresh Salmon


      Darne of fresh Salmon cooked in White Wine, Lemon Juice and Olive Oil, served on a bed of Rocket Leaves, topped with Herb Crust

    • All main courses are served with Roast Potatoes & Vegetables

    • Platters

      Il Cortille

    • Local Board


      Maltese gbejniet, Maltese sausage, pickled onions, sundried tomatoes, stuffed olives, butter beans bigilla, hobz biz zejt and galletti

    • Italian Board


      Parma Ham, Salami Napoli, Salami Calabrese, Salami Milano, Grano Padano, Mozarella di Bufala, Pecorino Cheese, Fig Chutney and Bread Grissini

    • Oriental Board


      Vegetable Spring rolls, chicken wantons, lamb samosas, pork dumplings, spare ribs, chicken satay, prawn toast, prawn crackers, sweet chilli sauce and soya sauce

    • Ocean Board


      Neonati Fishcakes, Black Mussels, King Prawns, MistoFritto, Octopus Salad, Tartar Sauce and Lemon

    • American Board


      Southern Fried Chicken, BBQ Ribs, Beer Batter Onion Rings, Spicy Wedges, Camembert Bites, Jalapeno Peppers, BBQ Sauce and Mayonnaise

    • Kids Menu

      Premier Cafe Garden

    • Beef Burger & Chips

    • Chicken Nuggets & Chips

    • Fish Nuggets & Chips

    • Penne Cheese Sauce

    • Penne Tomato Sauce

    • Side Orders

      Premier Cafe Garden

    • Chips

    • Side Salad

    • Roast Vegetables

    • Roast Potatoes

    • Spicy Wedges

    • Onion Rings